Program mode

Blended learning by leveraging world-class Learning Management Systems (LMS); Best of class industry professionals and acclaimed academics will deliver this program.


Blended Learning

Participants can enjoy learning at their own pace from anywhere and with potential contact sessions from selected centers from India


Online learning

Participants will enjoy the seamless learning experience with various contents to stimulate their intellectual appetite



Enough guidelines and sources will be given to students to equip themselves at their own pace.


Cap Stone Project

Students can solve industry challenges by executing well defined projects from Industry 4.0 technologies mentored by industry professionals

T Model

T Model is the revolutionary pedagogy model to provide both width and depth of a given phenomenon. In T model, the horizontal bar represents all the subjects of industry 4.0. You’ll need to learn and understand to become a complete, well-rounded, elite professional. The vertical bar represents your specialty, where you have deep, subject-specific knowledge. After you complete the horizontal subjects based on your score and aptitude to learn you will deep dive into specific subject of your choice. At the end of the course you will be given a capstone project sort of live use case from the industry to gain hands on experience.

The Benefits of T-Shaped Curriculum

  • As you start thinking about your own T-shaped learning, keep in mind the goal. You may want to know a little about a lot (particularly the things that contribute to career success). And a lot about a little (particularly the things you can master).
  • Of course, you probably already know your main area of focus—the vertical bar of your T. It could be exercise programming, architecture, system administration, security and so on.
  • Yet maybe it’s time to focus more on the horizontal bar of your T and filling it out with training in some different areas.

Salient Features

This cutting edge industry 4.0 program will provide detailed explanation for each digital component basics, working principle and use cases from Manufacturing and Service sector. Lucid explanation and real time simulation given for emerging technologies like IoT, Data Analytics, AI, Big Data, RPA, 3D printing, Cloud, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cyber Security and Block chain. The candidates will get a clear understanding and clear queries surrounding Industry 4.0 paradigm from this training program. The candidates can able to appreciate the application of various Industry 4.0 components at their workplace post this training program and they can start drive the digital transformation for their organization.

Learning outcome

  • Appreciate the benefits from Industry 4.0 paradigm
  • Understand various digital components used in Industry 4.0 eco system
  • Apply Industry 4.0 concepts at work place and be a leader to take digital initiatives
  • Appreciate the challenges, opportunities and get ready for future trends



Advanced Master's Certification Program in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Guidance programme for 80 hours, each will contribute 8 hours of class. Prepare students on all the components of Industry 4.0 at the end of each session students will go through an online test. Additionally, student profiling mechanism we group the like minded student based interest/grade mark from test/aptitude/time availability for phase II eligibility

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Master's Certification Program in Industry 4.0

Today organizations are looking for potential resources with the width of Industry 4.0 ecosystem (Covered in phase 1) and detailed knowledge on specific Industry 4.0 digital components. This makes perfect sense to organizations' standpoint of view as these resources will deliver detailed solutions from their core Industry 4.0 expertise and at the same time, these resources will appreciate the necessity to leverage other Industry 4.0 technologies to reap the maximum benefit.

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Pedagogy and Faculty


This program is fully managed by Industry professionals and academicians


A team of India’s finest digital transformation specialists from industry


Guest lectures by thought leaders from Industry


Live project – Cap stone project to implement class room learnings