The never-ending desire for transparency across the organization and single truth results in the organization’s inclination to the blockchain framework. The smart contract is the optimal application of Blockchain with a high level of transparency idea with sufficient scalability and with necessary autonomy in place.

The students will learn about the core engine from Blockchain technology, design new Blockchain moels, and design smart contracts with decentralized philosophy.

  • Session 1 and 2 - Introduction to Blockchain
  • Session 3 and 4 - Block chain Mining and Forking
  • Session 5 and 6 – Consensus Algorithm
  • Session 7 and 8 - Blockchain Security
  • Session 9 and 10 – Decentralized Application
Trainer profile

Govind A

Principal Educationist

An active industry professional with 2 decades industry experience from India/overseas. He is collaborating with top companies to implement Industry 4.0 eco system.

Certificate of Completion