Robotic Process Automation


RPA is revolutionizing the way organizations are working and automate most of the rule-based repetitive activities. RPA has a high potential to achieve superior automation and enable the organizations to redeploy mundane employees into other useful divisions to get maximum value proposition. The cost advantage from RPA is something unbelievable to organizations as a carefully implemented RPA program will do close to 20 employees work at ease. This explains the current penetration of RPA across all major organizations to reap the immediate benefit from the digital revolution.

This course will teach RPA working principles, development concepts, and insights from a few prominent RPA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism. Students will get an opportunity to develop a real-time RPA program from UiPath as part of this course.

  • Session 1 and 2- RPA basics
  • Session 3 and 4- UiPath RPA tool basics
  • Session 5 and 6 - Automation Anywhere RPA tool basics
  • Session 7 and 8 – UiPath development
  • Session 9 and 10 – Advanced RPA development
Trainer profile

Govind A

Principal Educationist

An active industry professional with 2 decades industry experience from India/overseas. He is collaborating with top companies to implement Industry 4.0 eco system.

Certificate of Completion